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In this present time 2020 we know that blogging is making regular full time carrier of youth genration. i am also new blogger and i am also facing which problem that at this time with every new blogger. i found that many methoed for start a new blog but we can't decied which catagory that i choose. 


here maximum blogger watch already pritam sir vedio how make valuable content for any blog. i get found some usefull information i realise that every new blogger can't find how make blog are the main conclusion for any blogger the content making is self knowledge improvement related.


blogging is about learning every time something new information which we can share on this online plate form that are blogging in my words.
every new blogger i know that because i am also include hope for money making online start blogging. Every new blogger want starting make more money.but its not easy making money from a new blog.blogging field is the need a author who can represent own opinion ,thoughts , idea or usefull information. In my own view every expert blogger use this technique and i am also trying to use this method .it is my first self created content that i am sharing for every one who is related blogging.


before last ten years old we can use making a post content with using copy paste materials or some other sources.but its my experience i found all steps are very hard for making a blog post but the self making content is so easy method because this type of content just express your own confidence for other people with the help of information sharing.


we can use every tools for just making a simple way of work. but the main work only we need do content making. at this present time we know many of trainers or influencer availabe for giving information.   

In this blogging field many blogger give his life 10 years maximum then after its long  time they can make thousand dollers per month.
many new blogger realy start a blog for a earning purpose because we know that this finacial weakness with many problems. but its real fact if you fully passion for blogging then everything is possible easily make money from a blog with highly content value added.

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blogging as carrier full time or part time work when starting time. we have need maximum time for learning many factor depend progress of blogging like that on page seo ,off page seo, baclinks ,ranking factors,  profitable keyword for high rank on google first page, niche or topic etc.

just as new blogger the main problem is how rank site and where we can make more many blogs available and tell us many of submission sites provide for us.for free backlinks many of tools available that give more backlinks that are free. here many paid tools available for that have realy benifit work for new blog.
any top blogger always recommended alexa rank which is realy value able for ranking in millions blog.


If we want to rank easily but its paid method so any new blogger not are intersted because we can't use before.many blogger facing problem how choose name for own blog and what is niche select.
direct want easily get adsense approval and start earning now as it possible easy. its reality but blogging realy need maximum time for success path in this field. most commenly use for backlink the commenting backlinks offer every blogging expert tell us. 

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we know that every new blogger make many content post and trying to its promotion. we can't find what is way for right audience how in just starting time but i know many blogger already know this way.
we have need maximum information for starting a new blog. In my experience many of catagory that is very interested in people just example for food who like eating,movies,its maximum popular catagory.because on youtube many content available that need just new some content and get million of view just  in week. 



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