benefit of blogging for business

Blogging”It's a funny word, but serious business.


We have a lot to cover, so we'll knock it down as efficiently as possible with a series of lists.


We'll get it right.


Who should read this post?


Non - Blogger - You have never been a blog and you need to fix it now.

Incomplete Blogger - You blogged a bit. Magic never killed.

Beginner Blogger - You blog, but don't really know what you're doing.

Regular Blogger - You will get tips from fellow bloggers.

Expert Blogger - You can steal good stuff for your blog.

None of the above - You have nothing better to do, but to read about blogging.


benefits of blogging with purpose.

Connection with customers - A blog is a practical and powerful way to share useful, relevant information with customers.

Connecting with partners - Blogging allows you to connect and build teams with influencers and leaders who can play a key role in building your business.

Generate Traffic - A strategically planned blog, with carefully chosen keywords, will search and drive traffic to your landing pages.

Establish Authority - Your business blog is the center of your content marketing efforts where you share your expertise.

Business wins - 60% of businesses that blog get more customers, Hubspot says.

Increase Reach - Your blog will be shared and new eyeballs will be available daily.

your email feeds traffic to your blog.

Give a voice to your company - a blog your pulpit, your publication, your magazine - is where you talk about whatever you choose, however you choose.

Humanize your company - that voice needs personality. Great bloggers are genuine. Your personality comes into play, if you aim to build a real relationship.

Exchange Ideas - Blogs despise the wall that once stood between a company and its customers. You encourage conversation, comments and feedback. You create a conversation.

Focus and Stay Customer Focused - Through blogging, you will learn how to speak in terms of your customers, improve this key skill and grow more in touch with the wants and needs of your audience.

Motivates content and productivity - Blogging is hard work. You need procedures. Commitment. Association. You'll need to step up - and you'll be rewarded for doing so.

Increase Focus - A subtle addendum to the point above, blogging constantly forces you to define who you are trying to reach and why.

Generate Promotions - As I mentioned, business bloggers establish authority. Stay with it and demonstrate that you know your niche and you will often be asked to interview.

Invite Outsiders - While the business blogger should avoid frequent promotions, a blog is a suitable platform to provide insight into your company, its values ​​and people.

Get strategic - You'll have a habit of closely examining the analytics of the site and gather all kinds of information about what it does and doesn't appeal to your audience. Your marketing will become more strategic day by day.

Know - Now we will be a bit hot and fuzzy, but there is no denying that you are going to know a lot about yourself and the world around you. It comes with being a writer.

Get Inspired - Research, Conversations, Experiences ... It's inspiring. Trust me on this: a switch turns on and it is impossible to turn it off.

Have fun - maybe not everyone will agree that blogging is fun, but I believe that every great blogger gets involved and enjoys the ride.

Make millions - maybe, maybe not. However, business blogging works with purpose. Every post is a long-term asset. Learn about the blog and you will reduce your marketing costs and increase sales.

Let's see how to do it.


tips for blogging with purpose.


Answer the questions - Listen closely to the questions prospects and customers and answer each one of them in your post.

Teach, Do Not Promote - Avoid the effort to make your blog a heavy hand to advertise your products. Adopt the mentality of a teacher and you will win the trust of your reader.

Talk - Ask your readers questions, encourage feedback, feedback, and criticism. Respond to comments as soon as possible in an effort to exchange ideas.

Use images - Take advantage of the appeal of photos, pictures, charts, and infographics to increase your stopping power and make posts more engaging.

Make it easy on the eyes - use short paragraphs, line breaks, white spaces, subsides and lists to invite your posts.

Be transparent - write with uncertain integrity and don't be afraid to address real issues, problems, challenges, and yes, prices. Avoid tough questions. Deal with them

Remove internal barriers - Blogging has no place for corporate red tape. Get permission in advance to write openly and honestly.

Don't back down - don't some readers (or colleagues) love what you have to say? Say it anyway. This is not a popularity contest.

Be consistent - blogs are the number one reason they are neglected when they fail. Set a schedule and stick to it. Make time to post often. No flow.

Nix the fluff - Your posts may be short or long. Just don't babble your way through them. Serve the meat and go easy on the gravy.

Identify others - congratulate, write and identify customers, employees, partners, industry influencers, and even competitors. Being generous will help. You will enjoy reciprocity.

Optimize - Research and use keyword phrases that will increase your search engine ranking. Install plugins to assist you with SEO.

Write passionate - Make your passion pulse through your prose. Tap into your reader's feelings.

Tell stories - learn to be a master storyteller. See how the best bloggers develop plots and develop characters.

Add customers - leave privacy and anonymity. Cite real customers, real challenges and real solutions.

Invest in the tools you need and put the best writers and designers on your blog.

Markets and Sales - Do not write nor issue ads disguised as blog posts, but call your readers to action and guide you along the path to discover your solutions.

Stay tuned - Follow your industry daily and be at the top of what you are saying to your peers.

Encourage Sharing - Don't forget to offer social media buttons to make it easier for readers to share and email your content.

Promote Your Blog - Promoting (and probably should) a post should take longer than writing it. Write teasers for your content and promote it on social networks and all possible touch points.

Have fun - never put rude, formal, or useless jargon in your posts. You have a stage Take rest Be entertained. Allow yourself to have fun with writing

Professional blogs are a big challenge.


Blogs are the hardest channel for business to keep updated - and indeed for nails.


Pasley, the creator of a blogging shortcut service, recently studied 525 businesses and reviewed its performance on blogs, the company's news pages, Twitter and Facebook.

75% of companies do not update their website in any way.

Only 20% have a blog and one-third of them are inactive.

1 in 8 companies has an active blog.

Ouch. Please understand...


Professional blogs should grow / grow your business.

61% of US online consumers shop based on recommendations from a blog.

Blogs attract repeat visitors who keep coming back to the website for fresh content.

Blogging allows you to team up with people who already have an audience, which is an instant way to attract readers.

The above figures are conservative. Blogging becomes more important everyday. Start now

happy blogging!

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