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Sometimes, it is difficult to come up with new content ideas. You know that Google and other search engines consistently reward distributed, fresh content. This can be a difficult situation when the old noggin is not cranking out ideas for new material.


Luckily, you're probably sitting on the new traffic gold mine now ... your old blog posts.


You can just propose to make your current post anew, which will get you new traffic without a lot of time and hassle. A huge advantage here is speed. There is nowhere near the time to recreate your old blog posts that it does to create new ones.


The following 5 practices are methods that successful bloggers use to create more traffic, without creating entirely new content.


1. Link to other posts and pages on your blog

Google's spiders love internal links. This happens when you link from one page or post to another on your site. This simple trick can keep readers on your site longer, alert your readers to relevant content and also increase the average amount of time each visitor spends on your blog. All of those things are great for SEO, which means more free organic traffic.


2. Title Your Titles

You can look at an old blog post and think that it is awesome. It may not require any change. You can have keywords and related words and phrases, your sub-headers drive the reader to the bottom of the page, and you have a strong call to action. Why didn't just change the title? It is only recommended on positions that you think may be under-performing. If it is not broken, there is no need to change anything.


3. you can promote your popular content on social media.

It does not matter how old they are. Your most popular blog posts are popular for a reason. Every month, bring them back to the trenches of social media where they can go on a fight for you.


4. Long post

Did you know that posts with 1,500 words or more traffic give more traffic than shorter posts? It's free, normal traffic you don't have to pay. Exaggerate the length of your current short posts, which you do.


5. Improve the readability of your post


Nobody likes to read a big block of text. Break down your content. Add sub-headers. Use underlining, italics, bulleted lists, pictures and videos to make old, stale blog posts fresh and enjoyable.

Chances are you have been writing a blog for quite some time. You have undoubtedly written on all kinds of exciting topics and have engaged many members of your target audience. However, if you have not asked yourself this, then you need to ask if your level of blog writing is sufficient now.


Improve what you have already written

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No matter what brand or business you own (or work in), your content can never be static! It should constantly evolve so that your relationships with other people can also develop. In this next stage of blog writing, you need to think carefully about what kind of blog content you want to write. Of course, whatever subject you bring up, it should be yours. If you are passionate about the topic, other people will feel that about you and they will be excited about what you are sharing.


If you are not sure about which topics to write about, pay more attention to the discussions with members of your target audience. They will tell you in their post what they really want to read. You might not have to dig too deep to find what you are looking for.


The second thing you should understand carefully is exactly what your target audience is and how you want them to develop in their relationship with you. It is important for you to remember that there is a learning curve with all relationships. The part of any relationship is the educational element. You give each other and you learn from each other. There are some logical steps that you will want to follow while taking your content to the next level. They may not be the kind of steps you have thought of.


Keep a solid editorial strategy

Editorial strategy should have different elements that you might want to consider.


Choose your voice: Hopefully, you'll have a solid, consistent way of writing in your voice. However, there are many different approaches you can possibly take, such as writing your story (one of many), writing your blog in a conversational tone, or giving it a teaching tone.

 you will want to keep it evergreen. Even if that special event arrives annually, you are limited about how much you can use it. It is a shame to work so hard to write that a blog (or another piece of content) has only tied its hands to its natural limits.

Establish Your Goal: You need to find out what goals you want to meet with your target audience. Do you want to teach them something, just discuss (undoubtedly valuable discussions), just inform them what you are doing, or more directly tell them that you have the ability to solve their problems.

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Choose an effective format for your blog: Believe it or not, your format is more important than you think. There is a lot in your format that will react to what your readers are posting. If the format is cumbersome and hard to follow, your readers won't have the patience to stick with it and read all the way to the end.

Posting Frequency: You have to set up a blog posting frequency and stick to it each week. It is important to understand that the frequency will vary for each business / person so you need to select the frequency that works for your particular business. However, what matters most is how many times a week (and what days, hours, etc.) you post each week.

Choose a consistent blog length: The length of your blog should be between 500 and 1,000 words. If you write blogs that are shorter than 500 words, you probably won't have enough length to say what you want to say. On the other hand, if you go over 1,000 words, you can start using some words that are not necessary and the reader may lose patience.

Set up an editorial calendar: You will want to set up an editorial calendar before doing anything because it will keep you organized and on time.

The conclusion

Blog posting is one of the most essential parts of your online content marketing strategy. However, it is very important for you not to let your content become static. Because of that, it is essential that you allow yourself to continuously develop your blog so that you can effectively bring your content to the next level. In fact, you should try to come up with ways to improve your content and ensure that it grows in the most appropriate way.

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