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Blogging sound very beautiful. Today blogging is widespread and very attractive for many internet marketers online. The blogging medium is growing rapidly and giving voice to many opinions, realities and marketing.


If you need a tool to promote what you've got to share, blogging is it. A blog is not a good option for those who need an immediate flock of prospects to see their information or statements. If you want to focus on your blog right now, a blog will disappoint you. If you like to engage others on topics that you write about, a blog makes it easy to interact with people who share your interests. Blogging promotion is good but you still have to promote your blog. 


Here are some popular blogging tips for creating a blog:


Write clear topic title


An ambiguous message is not optional. Your message should be clear and up to the point so readers can see if they are interested in the message. If the blog is nothing then visitors will not return unnecessarily. A blog should be centered around a topic. Or, all subjects must be relative. If a blog has a humor forum, humor becomes anything, but it is not good to lose humor in some topics of your blog. The strength of this blog will be centered around humor only. Staying on topic will only attract people who are interested in the topic of your blog.


Diaries are not recommended for popular blogging


There are many thousands of diaries on the Internet and very few readers. These are mainly celebrity blogs. You should make a blog and not a diary, because many people will not want to read your diary.


Keep your content fresh and create a schedule

Blogging requires a lot of time and effort. Do not create unattainable tasks and leave your program. Your readers do not want stale content or a blog that does not turn up with its site theme. If you have a successful blog with visitors, you do not want them to leave you for new blogs, which are popping up daily.


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Do not post older content as it has been seen before and readers will not waste time reading it. Tomorrow's news is history. Keep the ingredients fresh.


Clear Language Matters


A blog is popular if it has a clear logical message. Don't write joking phrases inside because it can confuse many readers. The audience reading your blog for the first time needs to understand what your message is. If your blog has a positive message, visitors are more likely to return. When visitors come to your site, if they are confused, they will not come back.


Keep search engines happy for increased traffic

Active blogs are viewed and attract search engines. Search engines are smarter and getting better at relative content which is helpful to the searcher. Search engines want to provide quality content to the keyword phrases entered by the search query. If searchers who find your site are not on your blog page for a very long time, then the search engine will exclude your site from the query list and out of sight.

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RSS Feed

In the blogging world, RSS is super because it provides instant content to those subscribers. RSS feeds can make your message explode to those interested in a hurry. Your original content is delivered quickly to your readers.


correct spelling


Be sure to use spell-check when typing. I use it during writing and cannot do without it. I'm sure most "Word programs" have this feature built-in. I know that "Microsoft Word" occurs side by side with "Open Office".


In the beginning, your blog visitors will be few, if any. This is just the way it is when starting a popular blog for the first time. Search engines will not direct thousands of visitors to your site with just a few blog posts. If you live with it and create quality content, visitors will grow. You should link to quality, relevant blogs and if you are reliable they will link to you. The sound of your blog may be unique, but your niche is among the thousands. I can guarantee that if your content is helpful and relevant, readers will absorb it.

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In a future post I will meet you to complete your blog writing and posting process, but now I want to give you three reasons why blogging is the cornerstone of any inbound marketing campaign. Without regular content creation, your inner efforts will fall flat. Blogging about the latest news, new products, and topics your audience is interested in is the best way to improve your business authority and bring in new, qualified leads.


If you are a marketer in charge of your company's blog, or a writer has managed to come up with new post ideas and needs to get a buy-in from management, then read on.


Traffic improvement


Having a 90% conversion rate from your site does not mean that only the traffic you get from colleagues. Sharing on social media, newsletters or even a weekly blog subscription gives more eyes to your website. It can be nothing without something to promote. Well-written content entices others to link to your site as well, and brings traffic from referrals.


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More traffic means more lead.


Seo benefits


Not only will your traffic increase naturally due to clicking on your headline, but you will also please Google. Posting regularly improves SEO in many ways. First, every post has the opportunity to target long-tailed keywords, which helps get your pages on Google's radar. Second, the more pages your site has, the more rights you have and it helps to maintain a high position in your search.


Finally, regularly updated websites also attract the attention of Google, as your content is not static and therefore timely. Even adding the Recent Posts module to your homepage will improve your search ranking.


Long term lead generation


While some posts are scheduled to be timely and for current readers, many posts can be updated over time.

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