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Did you know that link popularity plays a huge role in the ranking of websites by search engines? This means that the more links you have on your website, the higher your website will rank in the results. Now the question is, how will you get a high ranking website to link to your website? 


Webmasters can't mess around, so they have to get high-ranking links very quickly. For that reason, you need to employ three techniques that can assist you in your internet marketing business and provide you with excellent link exchanges with other websites.


Three Internet Marketing Techniques To Help Website Owners Get Traffic


Technique 1 - Write an article


If you want your website to be ranked by search engines, then you need to write an article about the product / service you provide. By writing your article, your readers can learn who you are and what you are offering them. Why you should write your article? At the end, you will put a resource box, which gives the reader information about your website as well as the URL for that site.


When another website or webmaster chooses to publish your article, they must include the resource box. Writing articles is easy. If you don't want to work, you can hire freelance writers from Elance or any other free lance website. To start a project you have to hire a writer and you will have a budget.


Technique 2 - Submit Articles to the Directory


Now that you have your article written, it's time to submit it to different article directories. By publishing them in article directories, you ensure that this is picked up by ezine publishers as well as website owners who want quality, up to date information. You can find all types of article directories on the Internet. The more you submit, the more backlinks you create for your website. Many article directories are going with RSS technology. RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication, which means that your articles will get further mileage.


Technique 3 - Make Your Own RSS Feed


You can easily use this by setting up a blog using or If you are not used to the blog, you may want to settle on; However, if you are more experienced, use


Once you set it up, add your articles to the site. Make sure that the hyperlink on your URL is returned and that you have an anchor text using your targeted keywords. When the search engine spiders are sent out, you will end up higher in the search engine rankings. Once you do this, feed both the new directory and the search engine of the RSS.


As you see, achieving high search engine rankings is not difficult, but it will be necessary to do a link exchange to ensure that your article is seen and read by all your visitors.


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This is such an important topic that I decided to write a second part related to SEO this week.


From Google Assistant to Siri, people are typing instead of searching online more than ever before.


According to Location World, in 2016 more than 40 percent of adults used spoken search on a daily basis. ComScore estimates that by 2020 more than 50 percent of searches will be voice-based.


It makes sense: it is much easier to speak a question than to type it. And it allows you to multitask while driving, cooking or walking.


This is not a fad, or something you should ignore - if you want to move forward and stay ahead of the competition, now is the time to do it.


It is worth noting here:


It's all about location, location, location


 Using these locally targeted keywords is a big part of any SEO strategy for your website.


 People are searching for what's around right now, so you can be more specific with your keywords and they can mimic the more likely you are to find them.


As often as you can, use your location and remember to keep your Google My Business page and Yelp page updated with your current information - these results are not just your web content.


Be more natural


In the search bar, someone is going to be different from someone


Google is searching for natural language, so you are about to consider the types of brains people might ask that include your targeted keywords.


Include as many conversational, long-tailed keyword phrases in your content as possible.


Some of the best ways to make natural ingredients include:


• About and FAQ page


• Blog and articles


• Answering questions on your Google My Business questions and answers section


• You can provide as much information to Google My Business and Yelp as to the hours of operation, products or services offered, parking, delivery or shipping options and so on.


The purpose and people also ask for featured snippets


Both Google Home and Google Assistant read featured snippets when answering questions, so you want to get to the top!


Selective snippets are selected search results that are found in a box at the top of Google's organic results.


Google wants to provide the best answer to users, so it is essential that you answer the questions clearly and regularly update your website with a fresh, attractive copy.


Research answers in the form of lists in featured snippets are very good. The more interactive answers your site and online profile has, the better your chances of appearing in this iconic place.


The same goes for "people ask too". You may have seen this pop up as you type or ask a question. Look at the example below - I asked, "Where are the best boutiques in NYC?"


Below the top few results is often the "people ask too" section. Each of those drop down menus answers the related question using content from well-optimized websites or blogs.


Copy to 9th grade reading level


No matter what your business offers, it is never a good idea to write a hyper-technical or jargon-filled copy. It does not benefit the user, and it does not benefit your SEO.


Research shows that content written at or below 9th grade reading level - appears more often as a sound result. You can use tools such as the Flesch-Kincaid grade level to determine which grade your content is at and adjust accordingly.


It is not about dumping your site - it is about answering questions clearly and clearly rather than filling your webpages with unnecessary language that will only confuse searchers and search engines.


Focus on adding these strategies to your marketing efforts to increase traffic, leads and sales as this exciting technology continues to be adopted. The more you focus on voice search optimization, the better results you will get in the long run.

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