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In this day and age, blogging comes as a convenient solution for anyone who wants to showcase their innate creativity and work-portfolio before eager audiences around the world - but never in anyone's living quarters or office space Without leaving the comfort of. Whether it is for displaying your daily magazine entries, opinion pieces, painted canvas or original home videos, or even following a business venture; It does not matter. By following your blog's interface and some simple styling and formatting rules for personal content posting, you can hope to gain a legacy of dedicated customers (and also count on their support to make your productions viral! ).


But before starting this e-publishing journey, you have to understand that successful blogging takes time and sustained effort, and asks you to attract your faculties of patience and restraint - because you hit the bed on the first day. will not do. . Still, and especially gifted to some of you for the deranged, it is a worthwhile business; With the ability to pay handsomely in the long run (and not just in monetary terms). The first step towards great blogging, of course, begins with the provision of a decent Internet connection.


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Although the world wide web is filled with an infinite number of articles on 'Best Blogging Practices' and everything related to the said enterprise, many of them are available for any genuine and reliable prescription (originated from real life experience). Easy simulation by beginners in the field. Below is a list of compiled points (tricks, really) that will help you set on the right trajectory from day one that you decide to activate your blog online in the virtual arena. These will prevent you from stumbling upon unnecessary 'keep strategies' that you may initially find attractive, but are not really on close inspection (and may actually harm your membership interests, if applicable). The focus of this guide has been primarily on blogs carrying written content (and presents a summary of the many hours of research work done on the subject.


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Secret 1: Write for yourself (and even)

When embarking on your writing campaign, keep this in mind to bring out 'you' in every post. Be deeply emotional and personal, and keep your raw content out in the open. Choose not to cover your flawed and struggling essential self with confidence and dignity; It is safe in the knowledge that your readers will really like to know what is happening to you. Don't be afraid to be provocative, or to focus on topics that are considered 'taboo' in society circles - but don't make such analyzes hollow in themselves. Remember that the reader is just as intelligent and understanding as you (if not more; to give them some credit) - and will not be lured long enough for 'same old, same old'. Be yourself at all costs ... but change the content parameters from time to time.


Secret 2: Know your crowd


If you want to increase traffic flow to your blog (especially curious about potential new customers visiting your page, be prepared to invest a lot of time and energy to know your audience base . You need to determine what you want. The topics and types of topics they are interested in, and then tap into the idea stream that delivers complex content to suit their needs at every level Is. A fun way to tickle your readers' minds is to engage them regularly. Printed under the guise of quirky tweets or short statements with indirect questionnaires. Based on the comments they give, you get to know. Will know which path to walk.


Secret 3: Time to time upgrade reading ability


Nothing expands your knowledge-base more than thorough and consistent reading. Bringing on literature (especially on topics that interest you deeply) equip you with a repository of facts, figures and claims from which you can understand many interesting ideas for your post. Try to post links to issues that may affect the lives of non-interested others - your audience - in a deeper way (and this will keep them coming back for more). Subscribe to a reading plan on Kindle, or any other e-reader service of your choice; Or just walk above the sprawling library down the street and immerse one on an abundant daily basis. Or better yet, pay for an inexpensive, high-speed Internet option and manage all of this online. Identify the deep meta-structures that make up literary works. Do not keep a superficial purity of information, and take care of those books! Your readers will thank you every day for all the fascinating buzz that brings your blog post to the table.

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Secret 4: Keep in mind the enthusiastic humanity of your readers


Avoid using language that makes readers feel unsympathetic, confused, or apathetic. Doing so would prove the most to 'shut them down' to anything and then lose valuable followers. Be funny, sarcastic, and bizarre, but not by much - otherwise you risk losing the serious impact your words might have had otherwise. Always try to be sensitive to the needs of the reader, and consider your blog post from his point of view. Would you like to read what you just wrote?


Secret 5: Get that email list!

Sending regular emails to email lists is probably the best strategy you can use to keep your current customers engaged and loyal on your page. For some of the more popular bloggers on the Internet, at least half of their followers learn about newly updated content on their blogs via email notifications. Having a reliable internet connection also helps with this continuous connectivity business.


Secret 6: Combine click-by-able headings with meaningful content

Although click-by tights are not considered part of good business or marketing practice, no one can deny that they entice more readers (or customers) at a fixed rate than traditional alternatives. But often the textual content and / or pictorial content that comes with these advertising tools proves to be a big 'fall', and leaves the reader feeling deceived by their valuable time. So to avoid causing any kind of annoyance to your audience, make sure that the content with the titles is as interesting and thought-out as is being anticipated.

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