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Blogging is not as new as you might think, it has been almost since the 1990s. Only now it is really becoming mainstream. It began as a means of posting simple one-line comments on a webpage, where surfers could provide feedback on products or services. Since then, these original sentences have now blossomed into pages of dialogue about a wide range of topics from personal interest to corporate issues.

But the really interesting thing is that advertisers have increased the power of blogging. As blogging continues to grow in importance, it is becoming clear to anyone to maintain and maintain a strong Internet presence that blogging should be the new Internet marketing tool.


To help you take advantage of blogging as an online marketing tool, follow these five tips:


1. Blogging is simple, easy and fun.


This is one of the most straight forward ways to broadcast your ideas online about hot topics, products or services. As long as you have an average command of English and can use PC, you are halfway there. All you need is a thought and a commitment to writing, typing fast always helps but it improves over time.


Blogging allows you to publish your own on life, health, money and relationships among others. It is like having your own magazine and you are your own editor. You can review TV shows, music, fashion, food, developments in current affairs and anything with a multitude of products and services.

2. Blogging is reliable.

Advertising is forcing people to "buy it and buy it" from every angle, not only that it makes people hype or much less suggestive. The difference with blogging is that, it is talking about ordinary people about what interests and matters to them.

Blogging is like listening to your friend and there is nothing more powerful than word of mouth which has a great power to persuade. If you receive a recommendation with balanced logic from someone you trust, you can try that product. You think you have inside information, a heads up if you will!


3. Blogging is cheap.

Most people blog for free because blogging is still a novel medium, it has not been charged wide spread. It is still evolving organically, and it appears that advertising is where providers are covering their costs.


The majority of blogs on dedicated free sites are specifically designed to cater for bloggers. Other generic websites offer visitors a blogging section to share chatting and feedback, or they have an informal section where their own employees or personalities create blogs in a chatting style to attract fans to the blog. More serious bloggers especially businesses should consider paid blogs because you have so much control over your content. You can advertise and generate revenue from advertising on paid blogs.

4. Blogging builds reputation.


The more you educate your readers about your area of ​​interest and the more you demonstrate, the more authority you develop as you know what you are talking about. The reader gets to believe you and your word. As your credibility grows, you start attracting more hits, firstly because of word of mouth, but also because your blog gets linked by other blogs and websites.


If you have managed to become a de facto authority in one area, you can find interest from the commercial sector who want to connect their business with you. Success achieves success because you have established a good reputation, you will find that the industry wants to advertise with you or you can pay for referrals from your blog as an affiliate.

5. Blogging market share increases.

• Maximize email usage.


Use your email contacts to tell them about your blog. In your updated blog, send short emails or headlines to the recipient on your list. This way you drive more traffic to your site, or if you are lucky you will move in with your friends and family.


People like to have a good newspaper to read time and time again. The good thing about blogs is that they are found in cyberspace indefinitely more easily. So when your readers have received your email notification, they know that they can visit your blog site and that the content is for a browse at any time. This allows them to remove earlier notifications and keep their inbox clutter free.

• Encourage membership.


By requesting membership from a reader for full access to your blog site, you in turn get the reader's name and email address. Email addresses are a valuable item, they help you communicate directly with qualified prospects so that you can promote a targeted and responsive audience and get conversions or sales man terms.


You should seek permission by asking your reader before signing up for your blog membership. Do not put down your list, and that means we do not sell it, or spam your list with irrelevant information that they did not sign. You do not want to send junk mail or receive a name as a post risk on your blog about unsolicited subscriptions.

• Know your audience.


Ask questions When readers subscribe to your blog, ask them to fill out a short questionnaire, so that you can better meet their needs in terms of communicating and advertising them. Once you have their profile details and preferences, you can be sure that you are not wasting your time on irrelevant topics and advertising. Don't be afraid to take surveys, or ask for comments on recent blog posts or advertisements.

• Join a blog-group.


Does the blog network have anything in common. They typically occur in the same region, region, demographic or gender. By grouping your blog with similar bloggers in a networked blog, you assure the reader that you are a trusted source because a community of bloggers has identified you by staying in the same network.


It is easier for readers to find resources in one place than they can search online. This adds value by saving them time. Remember the big group better.


• Add RSS feed.


This technology is increasing in circulation on the net daily. RSS feeds have the potential to make your site professional. They keep looking at your site anew. RSS feeds also generate interest in your blog which is the ultimate game for any blogger.

So to conclude, one should not lag behind in the online space. Blogging is creating a new Internet culture for individuals, it is also a must have marketing tool for businesses. Embrace it or be left behind.

happy blogging!
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