blogging ideas for beginners

Bloggers have written a lot of useful tips on blogging to help beginners to create a successful blog.

The 5 facts you should know about blogging are some hard truths that are not often talked about, but they are important for your blogging success.

 The objective is not to scare you from blogging, but to give you all the facts so that you make an informed decision and commit to it.

Blogging Facts 1 for Beginners: Blogging requires time and commitment


Before starting a blog especially if it is to make money from home then you want to make sure that you have the time and energy to commit to it and grow your readership.


What you will be doing mostly:


Delivering valuable content on your blog on a regular basis, ideally once daily but no less than three times a week if you intend to grow regular readers.


You will also be preparing votes for your content. This is called link building. When you link other related sites to your blog or link a particular post to your blog, vice versa.


When your blog receives some quality links from other sites, the search engine considers your blog important. So it helps in ranking your content in search engines which ultimately equals traffic (daily visitors) to your site.


These are two main but not only do you have further work and both of these require time. Even if you have time, if you fail to strike a balance between these two activities, your blog will be lacking.


Meaning you cannot spend all your time writing content and forget about creating links to content for which you will have a blog full of valuable content, but no one to read them.


On the other hand if you spend too much time chasing links to your site and ignore content writing (which is worse), you will have visitors to your blog but will leave immediately as soon as they arrive.


Blogging is a very beneficial work from home business. Out of this, 6 are income generating people. But to get a successful blogger from zero level (nave blogger) requires time, knowledge, dedication and patience.


One of those qualities should not be lacking, otherwise you will have to consider work from home enterprise to another.


Blogging Facts 2 for Beginners: Know Your Market


I consider this to be the most important part of the article which should not usually be emphasized as much as it should.


This step either makes your blogging successful or makes a mare.


Like every other business, you need to know the market you want to venture before actually doing so.


In the blogging world, your market is the topic or subject you have chosen to write.


This means that you will have to do an effective research of your market to gather all the necessary data that you will need to make an informed decision.


After looking deeply at a subject, you may feel that it is not profitable enough to pursue it.


Here are the data you need to collect and evaluate before going for a topic.


Monthly Searches for Topics: Are there people searching for information on the topic? If yes how many? Is this enough to bring you good monthly traffic?


Anyone who has traffic has a web.


Competition for the subject: People already publishing online for that topic are your contestants. how many are they? There is always room for any other blog or website on the web. But you have to be realistic. As a beginner to blogging, you are less likely to top sites that already exist on that topic, especially if they are well-established authority sites.


Also, you can easily make your marking when the competition is low or fair.


Choose hundreds of profitable keywords. If you are writing on a relationship, for example, make a list of all the keywords that come up in relation to which you can write. These keywords will form the overall content of your blog.


So after creating your blog you do not fuse about what to write next. You just go to your list and choose a keyword and write on it.


In this way you create valuable focused keyword rich pages.


Demonetization options available to you: It would be heartbreaking to try and get the maximum number of readers just to realize that you cannot be demonetized with the major demonetization model.


So first ask yourself: What monetization model would you like to implement on your blog? Then make sure the subject you are going for can be monetized profitably with those options.



If AdSense (pay per click content ads) is important for the monetization of your blog, you want to make sure that the cost per click for your topic and its related sub-topics (keywords) are above $ 1. . But if above $ 2 it will be a primary monetization model for you.


If you want to sell third party products, check places like ClickBank to see if there are relevant books available to monetize your blog.


Spy on your competitors: Is there a monetization model that your competitor uses that appeal? How are your competitors addressing the topic? Maybe there is a better angle you can address it.


Get general ideas but don't copy your competitor's work. His work gives you ideas to stand out from the crowd, to better position yourself in the niche.


All these research and more is needed to make informed decisions about the topic of your blog. We have passed the time when only your passion for a subject can give you success in it.


Especially if you are considering blogging for business, collecting all these data before buying a domain (comes after thorough research) and setting up your blog will help you get the most out of your market and topic will gain help in.


There is always a difference between a site that was planned and it was not and that would be a proof in regular reader numbers and traffic numbers.


Blogging Facts 3 For Beginners: Keep It Real

Whatever you do related to your blog, always keep it real. Let things work naturally. Always consider the two most important people for the success of your blog at all times - your readers and search engines.


Some sites that will link to your content will require a link back. Do not link to one site only because of the benefits it will bring to your ranking. Link to a site because it provides value to your readers. And your readers will be grateful.


When you promote a product, make sure that it actually provides benefits to your readers. Don't just promote for the commission you get as a result.


If you try to take root fast to the detriment of your readers and search engines, chances are that your blog will not go all the way.


Build honesty and credibility among your readers and good things will naturally happen to you.


Blogging Facts 4 for Beginners 4: Don't be in a hurry to monetize your blog

This is very common with blogging beginners. Once they set up their blog, the next thing is demonetization.


While there is nothing wrong about this, it can distract you from the moment that matters - building content and getting traffic.


It makes no sense to monetize a site with zero traffic.


So, first build some content. Then some traffic, before monetizing. This way you can start earning money in the first month of monetization of your blog.


Money equal to traffic


Blogging Facts For Beginners 5: Build Relationships


Familiarize yourself with fellow bloggers in particular related niche. You can do this by regularly commenting on their blog.


Building relationships with bloggers in your niche can bring some good deals. And you never know when you need a favor.


It is easier to ask a friend for a favor than a stranger.


This keeps you updated about what is going on in your niche, which is important.


Most all build relationships with their readers through comments, e-zines and newsletters. This is the one that determines whether you get frequent visitors to your blog. The key determinant though is whether or not your content provides value.


So when you get frustrated about everything else, just write more content. You can never go wrong with this.


Always keep the adage in mind: Content is king

happy blogging!
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