why your choice for bluehost is best decision?

Wherever you look it seems that BlueHost topped every major hosting review website including this one. The webmasters we talk to unanimously talk about this hosting platform. Which makes for an interesting question. What makes bluehost so good? Let's start at the beginning. Bluehost was created in 1996 and from the moment they hit the internet, they became one of the most popular and fastest growing hosts. The same can be said about Bluehost even today. We examined more closely why so many webmasters speak highly of Bluehost. They currently host over 1,000,000 web sites and have become experts at combining low cost with quality web hosting services that are often absent in large hosts. If you browse through their website, you'll get a live demo, help center, a free site builder, a free domain forever, unlimited file transfer, unlimited hosting space, a site promotion package, an active blog and forum, An avalanche of features including live will be found. Chat, and on and on. It would be ridiculous to list all of them in this review simply because you can click on the link below and see for yourself. But, in the final calculation, we came up with 79 features, products and services. It is offered at a very reasonable price at its stop hosting shop. You can go right on-line and try some of their tools before buying anything. It is fair to say that where Bluehost shines, it offers its customers complete web hosting solutions at a competitive price. Let's find out what else Bluehost has to offer.


Like our other top web hosting pics, Bluehost has exceptional reliability. They have a world-class data center that provides industry-leading time and many functional administrative tools. They have also implemented high-performance Axion servers that will eliminate any blips in the system and stand by their technology with what they call the ultimate uptime guarantee. Bluehost also performs routine backup checks to ensure that your data is never lost. Not only is their high performance Xeon Servers reliable, but also very fast. Any of our own webmasters or those we have quizzed have faced issues with reliability and, given Bluehost's long track record in this area, it makes sense why they have gained so much traction in the market .

price value

When it comes to pricing and the subject of web hosting, the name of the game is the host that can give you the most bang for your bucks. We know that Bluehost is reliable and as we have described above, their long list of features, services and tools is impressive. We are not the only reviewers who liked everything we see with Bluehost. He has carved out a very good and loyal niche of webmasters and businesses who trust his platform. If you decide to cancel hosting services they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Typically a standard hosting plan with Bluehost costs around $ 6.95 per month. However, they are offering a limited time offer which reduces their prices by $ 3.95 per month.

control Panel

BlueHost uses cPanel (Control Panel). It works on an interface that has many different functions but is very user oriented. cPanel provides website statistics, search engine presentations, forums and file and domain management just to name a few. You will also find an icon labeled Fantastico which allows you to install scripts and software such as blogs, forums and shopping carts. Their cPanel user guide runs through all their applications. Definitely not an issue here. Navigating and managing applications was not difficult. A very effective interface tool.

customer service

BlueHost provides a top notch and reliable customer service team. Given that there can be a significant difference when comparing customer service web hosts, our webmasters in our webmasters always examine this element carefully. They have very helpful and friendly staff who are available 24/7 to help solve any of your problems. We found that there are different ways to get in touch with the Bluehost customer support team. You can contact them with 24/7 live toll-free phone support, which we tested for the purposes of this review and they did not disappoint. There is an average waiting time of only two minutes or less. You can also contact them by free online chat or email. They have a number of excellent FAQs that can potentially answer any of your questions. You can also post their messages on the forum to get the answers you want from other members. We also found their help center top of the line. Just click on the link at the end of this review and check it out. Just about everything you want to know and some things you may have never thought of are for you to discover.


Unlimited hosting space

Unlimited file transfer

Host unlimited domains

Free domain

$ 25 free yahoo credit

$ 50 free Google credit

Free site builder

24/7 customer service


Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited discount

30-day money back guarantee

The conclusion

The Web Host Mentor selected BlueHost as one of the top web hosts because of the reliability of the experience and services provided, including their reliability, customer support and value proposition. It is difficult to find any holes in Bluehost's game. What makes Bluehost even more compelling is the fact that they have reduced their prices from $ 6.95 to $ 3.50. No matter what kind of website your website is running, it is very likely that you will be quite pleased with Bluehost.

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